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Sole leather

The tannin is full, substantial and with long-wearing quality. According to the design of the shoes, it can be supplied in various thicknesses and flexibility; also the surface can be either in full grain or buffed grain (nubuck) for your option.

Belt leather

The belt leather is flexible and easy to fit user waist. Depending on the type of belt, it has a wild choice of thickness range and by demand to resin backside or not.

Upper leather

The thickness, color, embossing and dyeing of the upper leather very diversified.

Note that customization is also available.


white leather

Generally is tanned using synthetic tannins.

Besides except white color, it can be processed extra with bright colors such as fluorescent colors.


leather board

Pull apart the fiber from leather scraps, then reconstituted by adding natural latex. The cost of leather board is economical, which is suitable for producing economical products.


split leather

It is the dermis layer after the surface layer is removed and can be used as lining of the bag, or pigment finished products.

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