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Fwu Meei Leather Co., LTD.

Fwu Meei Leather Co., Ltd. – Founded in 1962

We specialized in natural vegetable tanned leather for over 50 years.


Starting from raising cattle and tannery, we are now focusing on business of natural toxic-free (harmful substances free) and eco-friendly natural vegetable tanned leather from Italy and South America.

Throughout many years of experience and know-how in this industry, we hope to share with you all our knowledge about vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather hand feels warm and firm; the luster is natural, elegant and lasts for a long time, therefore, time will bring each skin vegetable tanned leather unique mark and story.

We strive for high-quality leather, whether it applies to shoes, belts, purses, wallets or industrial machine belts, from handmade leather goods to traditional industry production equipment, you can find all you need here to satisfy your demand.

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