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Sole Leather


  • Generally the outsole is made of bend, characterized by its uniform thickness, substantial and durable fiber structure.

  • The insole could be made of any division of cowhide, depending on the requirements of different shoes.


  • Used for formal shoes, Goodyear shoes and casual shoes…etc., with the characteristic of firmness and softness, it is easy to bend and stitch.

  • Usually take the part of butt or shoulder to cut strips then adhesive to continuous welt (generally 50 meters per roll), it could be processed to different type of welts based on the needs of different shoes.

Heel cover

  • Generally is made using 4.0-5.0mm bend in white, natural, dyed through black or brown color. The bends were stacked and cut into thin slices, then to wrap over outside of the heels based on the different designs.

  • Also some high-end shoes are still follow traditional method by using stack leather heels. Although it costs material; however, the comfort feel is very different from the plastic heels.


  • Gentleman Belt- 2.0-2.4mm shoulder or side with lining, or both sides bonding.

  • Casual Belt- 3.6-4.0mm shoulder, butt or culatta could be for selection.

  • Lady Belt / Braid Belt- Could be made of 1.5mm up shoulder or side.

Leather Goods

  • BagUsually use the part of shoulder and side because of larger size and wide range of application, especially the shoulder skin is the first choice for big bags with its unique wrinkle. In addition, the shoulder skin is also suitable for all kinds of milled pattern to present different fashion styles.


  • Wallet / Keychain & Charm- Small-scale cutting, generally use the part of belly skin, apart from the price is attractive, and the cow's belly is hardly getting hurt so the grain is pretty nice.


Furniture usually made of chrome tanned leather, which has the softness, bright and vibrant colors.

However, the vegetable tanned leather features its firmness and unique of tannin color change with time; therefore it is also the first choice for many furniture designs in recent years.

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